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Izabael’s Reviews & Testimonials (names are starred “******” to protect privacy! All spells are 100% confidential!):

“Hello my beautiful Izabael first of all, here is a comparison me in 2015 and me current 2019 [he sent pictures] its was like I grown up, bone structure changed slightly. I was 31 years old in 2015 medically it’s impossible growing up. I know I was more skinny but bones doesn’t change with weight. If you zoom I had bigger eyes in 2015 (no much simmetry with size of my face by then), the size of them in contrast the size of my face now is more aesthetically symmetric, wider bones same all my body, hands, longer neck, feet and p***. my hair has regrown top, not a single grey hair. I love you Izabael.  Masculine Sex Appeal + Sitri + Gremory Talismans have made wonders”  — E. S*****a

“I have been using the custom astral ability spell to work on my pathworking up the Tree of Life and it has been going amazing. For the first time ever my active imagination feels more like full blown astral projection (which i can usually only experience ocassionally in the morning between dreaming and waking).  I have been having a problem with the Path from Tiphareth to Geburah though.  I have no issues with path 22, but once I get to the gates of Geburah they do not want to open. So I have a question about how you think I might best progress….”  — Soror V.K.D.N.T

“The love/banish spell seems to have worked as he is now always wanting sex again, and the girl has backed off somewhat. But still she is not completely gone.    can we please do the black magick banish on her now? I should have just done it at the beginning like you suggested!  I have her picture, birthday, and some handwriting if that helps.”   Olivia M.

“Hi Izabael,
The talisman arrived and has been put away. I went to my chiropractor today and suddenly, he knew what to do to fix my shoulder issue. I AM ON THE MEND!!!!!!
Today is my birthday. YES!!!! ?? I did get a happy surprise!!!! While I was out to lunch, G*** left me a birthday card. In it he said, “Redeem for 1 event(dinner, movie, etc)” We are in the planning stages now. ???
I start my new job on Monday. So the weekend is mine!!!! I will keep you posted. Everything is working out well.
Blessings and Love!!!!!
L**** ?

“I just want you to know he came home! And i owe it to you that’s for sure, i didn’t think it was possible at all. i can’t thank you enough, And my case was a hard one. but you did it!!” — Cher**** Ma****l

“Hello Izabael, just keeping you updated on the results of my black magic love spell that you casted for me back in March. So far so good, C* finally texted me out of the blue about two weeks ago and we continued to communicate through text messages and we talk on the phone a lot now, he even called me last weekend and he had me on the phone for over 30 mins and in so many words, even though he didn’t come right out and say it but he was missing me and I could tell from the way he was talking and all, and lately we’ve been spending our weekends together bc the both of us are so busy working through the week and we relax each other with massages and the whole nine, lol! It’s like S*, the woman he was engaged to that tried to keep C*away from our daughter no longer even exist now bc C* is in love with me and we’re reconciling and I will be glad when she’s completely out of the picture permanently forever, so she’s just out of luck bc I know that was part of the black magic love spell and it’s still working, so thank you so much Izabael and I will continue to keep you posted” — C. N**l

“In fact the last time I seen her I stayed over her house and things got heated… Looking back at the whole situation I believe I have you to thank for that. 😉

…Because surprisingly what ever you did worked!” — Ma****s D****s

“It has been almost one year since I ordered the Masculine Sex Appeal item from you and I can say that between your spell, subliminal recordings and just believing in myself I am changing and becoming more of a dominant male, I am more confident and I notice women looking.” — Rob***t K****n

” I had been seeing a gradual imcrease since receiving your talisman however on saturday i managed to do over double what I normally make and on sunday I made more than triple what i usually make all day therefore the most money I have ever made in one day!” — Ch*** I***s

“You made a talisman for me a few years ago. It was a sort of “make me a top” spell and I have been very happy with it. I am looking for help on another issue and am hoping you can help. “– Gi***i He*****z

“I have great news and I am so happy now!! B*** finally called me from his new number 2 days ago. Please read the below trail of emails between B***,me and T****.” — E****e P**

“yes i trust your spell works as i can see it and feel it.he is different now.last time after work he will never want to text chat with me during late night before sleep or ask me call him during his work time when he is free but after sitri spell he does all this things.its so amazing i can say.” — S** R***

“Hi Izabael.  I got the desired results from the spell you performed for me. How do I properly dispose of the talisman?” — John ******

” Hi good afternoon! I just wanted to say thank you. You did a casting for me and I thought it didn’t work but I finally heard from her! She has been trying to contact me after two months of not talking to her! Thank you so much =)”  — O.M.

“I ordered a Return a person spell (i believe it was under sitri, if i am not mistaken) and it worked wonders.” –Vla***r R*****

“I want to let you know that there is positive movement already! He seems a bit changed today, he caught me by surprise! :)” — Pa****a G*****n

“About Izabael,I would like to say that she is the number 1 spellcaster on this whole web.I haven’t seen such a spellcaster ever till today ,who offers her service with Excellent Customer service , handles her clients with such a great deal of patience and supports you in your toughest time in the same way a family member does..She is a complete package of an Angel as she has all such qualities..I bet you guys that you can’t find such a spellcaster there as Isabael….
I would like to thank you izabael for supporting me everytime inspite of the fact that I annoyed you a lot out of my difficult situations but you never left me alone..
I love you Izabael and be the same always…lots of hugs n love to you..<3” — R.G.

“It has been almost one year since I ordered the Masculine Sex Appeal item from you and I can say that between your spell, subliminal recordings and just believing in myself I am changing and becoming more of a dominant male, I am more confident and I notice women looking.”– Ro***t K****n

“In the past you have literally done wonders for me, and the spells worked either very quickly or just in time when I needed the result to happen. Thank you 🙂 ” Ra****l H.

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