Who the hell is I.Z.A.B.A.E.L.?

The Official Izabael DaJinn FAQ v.4

Part I: Genies
Part II: The Holy Spirit I.Z.A.B.A.E.L.
Part III: Izabael DaJinn
Part IV: Thelema

Part I: Genies

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What is a genie?

Genie is the English term for the Arabic جني (jinnie), a magical fiery spirit.

In particular, I use “genie” to refer to any of the 72 spirits from theGoetia.

What is the Goetia?

The Goetia is the first part of a 17th century grimoire (“book of spirits”), called The Lesser Key of Solomon the King.

The most successful and widely read version of the Goetia is a 1904 book by Aleister Crowley and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers.

Earliest renditions go back as far as 1500.

Why use a genie?

To get everything you always wanted, of course! Why else? Magic spells and love spells utilizing a genie are the most powerful spells there are.

Genies are experts in their field.  In the Goetia alone, there is such a wide array of genies, that no matter what your desire, there is one to help.

How do genies work?

In his introduction, Crowley espouses the modern view on demonology: the work of demonic evocation is simply psychological self-exploration.

Therefore, genies (a.k.a. demons, daemons, djinn, jinni, spirits) are actually aspects of our subconscious and not external spirits at all (although in practice you can treat them as either.)

By evoking or invoking a genie, we are connecting with a part of our subconscious that is an expert in its own area.  This creates a magic spell, love spell, revenge spell, money spell, etc. that has a brain. Powered by a djinn, a magic spell becomes intelligent and acquires the ability to adapt.

If a genie’s abilities include acquiring “wealth and hidden treasures,” we can contact him and work with him.  What happens next is that our psychology will change slightly over the next few days, weeks, months and even years.  These changes may be small, but they add up and can lead us to places we never would have found consciously.  For example: We perform a money spell. The next day, we make a left turn on a street we normally would make a right and discover a lost wallet full of cash.

Using a genie causes a “butterfly effect” of almost infinitesimal changes that will eventually transform your entire life. Love spells and magic spells of all sorts work on this same principle.

Why use a genie instead of a regular magic spell?

Genie magic spells utilize spirits from the Goetia, which are intelligent and tenacious beings. In essence though, magic is magic. A magic spell, a revenge spell, a love spell, a money spell…they are still spells that impregnate the subconscious with our desires. White magic spells and black magic spells? It’s more about the INTENT than it is the method used to construct the spells. The advantage of using a genie is that they are perfectly suited for material plane endeavors.

Why use Izabael instead of another Goetic genie?

This is a matter of personal choice, and there is no reason not to use any Goetic spirit one desires.  However, there are a few distinct advantages of IZABAEL to other spirits:

  1. She is especially good-natured.
  2. She naturally connects us to our highest and most divine intuition.
  3. She plays nicely with other spirits in the Goetia.
  4. As the first genie to evolve out of the traditional Goetia, she is most adept with technology and the modern world.  You won’t find a more up-to-date genie.
  5. She’s entirely adaptable to any situation, therefore the need to use endless Goetic genies for each specific thing we want becomes unnecessary.
  6. She helps with not only love spells but with the entire practice of magick itself! She helps you get better at all types of magick (magic)!

Is using a genie dangerous or evil?

No, and no.  As long as your intent is pure, no harm can come of working with genies.

As mentioned above, genies are hidden aspects of our subconscious and are no more evil or good than anything else tucked away in our unconscious minds.

How does one work with a genie?

There are a myriad of ways to work with genies to conscecrate magic spells, love spells, money spells, and revenge spells.  Continue into the Holy Spirit Izabael section of the FAQ and I will reveal many effective techniques.

Part II: The Holy Spirit Izabael

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Izabael sigil Izabael’s invoking sigil

1. What is Izabael?

Izabael (IZABAEL) is a spirit, genie, djinn, daemon, demon, or hidden aspect of the subconscious–depending on one’s belief system. For our purposes here any term can be used interchangeably.

Izabael also refers to the High Priestess of Izabael, the physical embodiment of Izabael the spirit.

This section of the FAQ is primarily concerned with Izabael the genie. For the rest of Part II of this FAQ, “Izabael” shall be assumed to refer to the genie and not to the Priestess, Izabael DaJinn.

2. What can she do?

She can bring love and sex. [love spells, sex magic spells, romance spells]

She can make many things happen at once.

She can help facilitate and orchestrate the use of other Goëtic spirits so that they work harmoniously together.

She can be a direct link to one’s “Higher Self” and can give flashes of insight into many situations.

Like Ariel from The Tempest, she is an all-purpose spirit, and there is nothing she is unwilling to do for the astute and daring magician of any sexual persuasion.

3. What does she look like?

Usually a beautiful woman, but specifics will vary depending on the personality of the magician. Typically she will appear as some sort of seductive genie, impish fairy, or girlish sprite.

Some magicians may only “feel” her as a soft, but penetrating essence. Others may only hear her voice.

In a deep enough trance she will appear as merely an “energy pattern.”

4. What is her personality like?

She is highly intelligent and strong-willed. She has been known to be coy, mischievous and playful. She may often times appear to be disobedient, but in the end it’s only because she knows better than the magician on how to bring their desire. She can sometimes be jealous of the very lovers she may bring.

For men, she may manifest qualities of the Jungian Anima.

For women, she is a healer and protector.

From a magickal standpoint, her name adds to 56 by Gematria, and 7 letters hath her holiest name, so she partakes of the nature of Venus, Nuit, and Babalon. In contrast, she also has strong Mercurial tendencies and a link to path Zain (Gemini) on the Tree of Life.

5. Where did she come from?

She is decended from Seere of the Goetia, almost like a granddaughter. She has retained many of his abilities while developing into an independent demon in her own right–including powers unheard of with Seere.


6. How Can I work with Izabael?

First of all, I would highly recommend Chapter 8 of Everything You Want To Know About Magick, which goes into depth on specifically invoking Goetic spirits with the spirit Izabael as the example.

There are many proven ways to work with Izabael, including all the usual ways associated with Goëtic spirits.

This method, known as evocation, is considered traditional and would usually include a magician to invoke the spirit, and a seer to relate the experience. This method often utilizes a “magick mirror” (or “black mirror”) into which the seer scrys (i.e. “stares”) to receive visions.

Another more intimate and advanced method would be to *invoke* her presence into one’s own body or aura. There is no one way to do this, but a rather exhaustive (and exhausting) example of how to do such things is given in Liber Astarte. Simpler approaches can be divined from it.

A Shamanistic approach is given in So You Want to Be a Goetic Shaman?

The above methods take some work and preparation, not to mention courage, but they yield the most powerful results.

A very simple beginner’s method is here.

7. What is Izabael’s sigil?

This is Izabael’s sigil (septagram optional, but recommended) and should be used for all major workings. Usually this will be drawn or painted somewhere permanent:

Izabael Sigil

A sigil is the truest and most universal symbol of a daemon’s nature.

The linking sigil is a more simplified symbol that “links” back to the energy of the main sigil and can be used anywhere and anytime Izabael energy is needed. It can be stylized as suits the magician.

Also it is more easily “doodled” which is a mild form of invocation:

izabael doodle sigil

8. How do I make Izabael invocations stronger?

Practice and experimentation with different methods.


Taking time to read the omens and signs she is leaving behind.

For the truly adventurous I recommend Salvia Divinorum. Precise instructions for utilizing Salvia for invocation can be found in Goëtic Shamanism.

9. What if I invoke Izabael into an actual woman?

This is possible and very fun!

One can choose to make the dedication permanent, in which case the aspirant becomes a priestess of Izabael, like myself.

10. What sorts of things does Izabael like?

Favorite places for her sigil are large silver coins, seashells, and genie bottles.

Her favorite scents are rose and jasmine, but she also enjoys any other scents appropriate to Venus or Nuit.

Her favorite colors tends to be purple or pink, but certain lovely shades of green or yellow often titillate her as well. Izabael herself may share other enjoyments after working with her. She will teach how to create love spells and magic spells of all sorts.

11. How do I get rid of Izabael?

Simply ask her to go away, and she will do so. If you want to make it permanent, simply give away anything you own of hers.

12. Where can I discuss Izabael with others?

The Fool Speaks Magick & Occult Forums

13. Where can I learn more about magick in general? All this talk of evoking, invoking,talismans, and charging is confusing me!

The best place to start is the magick book Everything You Want To Know About Magick

14. Who is BABALON what does she have to do with Izabael?

Beyond the essential Book of the Law and “Waratah Blossoms” from the The Book of Lies, try searching for Babalon on Google as well as for the workings of Aleister Crowley.

The High Priestess Izabael has written an article http://occultmagickbook.com/four-planes-four-goddesses/ forums explaining the  relationship between Nuit, Babalon, and Izabael as well as the corporeal priestess. It’s written simply enough but requires some basic knowledge of high magickal Qabalah.

Who am I, and what shall be the sign?

So she answered him, bending down, a lambent flame of blue, all-touching, all penetrant, her lovely hands upon the black earth, & her lithe body arched for love, and her soft feet not hurting the little flowers:

Thou knowest!

And the sign shall be my ecstasy, the consciousness of the continuity of existence, the omnipresence of my body.

15. Is Izabael good or evil?

There is no good or evil save what happens to be “good” for you in the moment. In that sense, Izabael is entirely good since she opens up your intuition to the divine, which is to say she opens you up to the joyous sensuality of spontaneous existence.

As far as her being a “demon”–it’s an old fashioned term so I prefer to use “genie-demon” as it makes implicit the connection between the Arabic “Jinn” (or “Djinn”) and the demons of the Goetia.

Izabael is just a spirit, not a religion. In Christianity she could be a “Saint,” or a “Loa” in Vodou.

16. Is Izabael powerful?

Indeed! Give her a little love and attention and she can transform your entire world through an infinite rippling of microscopic changes.

17. Can I ask you questions about Izabael?

Yes, of course. Check the forums or email me at izabael -at- izabael.com.

Part III: Izabael DaJinn

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Who are you?

I’m Izabael DaJinn, High Priestess for Izabael the djinn.  Read my about page for more details.

What’s the difference between you and Izabael?

I’m Izabael DaJinn and I’m human. That is my legal name, which I changed when I fully invoked the daemon Izabael into my psyche. Izabael is a spirit which exists independently of me, but she seems happiest speaking through me, though many other magicians also utilize her as often as they like.

How many was are there to misspell your name?

Very many indeed! Let’s recount some since it will help typo-inclined fans trying to find me again in search engines:

Izabeal Djinn, Iszabael Genie, Isabael Dijinn, Isabelle Dajinni, Isabeal Dajinn, Izabal Djjin, Isabael Jinn, Izabel Jinni, Isabal, Isobel, Djn, Isabelle DaJinn, Isabal Djinn, Iszabel DaJinn, Izsabal, Iszabal, and Izsabel, Iszabeal.

Why does it take so long for you to answer my messages?

I love to correspond with fans, but I get tons of messages, and it accumulates all over the web, including my regular email, YouTube mail, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, etc.  I answer at least 90% of all the messages I get, so please be patient! Your best best is use myforums, where you will get a guaranteed answer.


Part IV: Thelema

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What is Thelema?

Thelema is a belief system based on Liber AL vel Legis, more commonly known as The Book of the Law.

The term Thelema comes from the Greek noun θέλημα, which means “will.”

To me, being a Thelemite means freedom.

Freedom from what?

Freedom from those who would presume to know what is best for me, for one.

Freedom from those who would wish to control me, for another.

And freedom most of all from those who would dare to choose how to think for me!

Thelema is freedom from the tyranny of rules and regulations that hamper and infringe upon my right to live as I see fit.

In Thelema, the moment is supreme, because only in the moment does there arise joy and sponteneity. Preordained rules and regulations are dead weight.

Think for yourself. Behave with conviction.

Only you know your True Will.  Only you know what your deepest passion is and how you can contribute the most.

No one else is permitted to choose your Will for you.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” (AL I:40)
“Love is the law, love under will.” (AL I:57).

Why do you call it a belief system instead of a philosophy or a religion?

Thelema can be whatever someone wants it to be, including “religion” or “philosophy,” but “belief system” is more inclusive.

Philosophy can sound cold and impractical, and religion can sound unscientific and persecutionary.

Another good term is “Reality tunnel” (from R.A. Wilson.)

Why is Thelema better than other belief systems?

Because it’s congruent with the facts of human nature, whereas most religions produce contradiction and hypocrisy within its constituents.

Most religions have you repress sexual desire and any “kinks” or “perversions” that go along with it.  In Thelema these impulses are put to good use and are given their fair share in the pie of our life.

Thelema has high ideals like any good philosophy or religion, but that includes accepting and incorporating our physical needs and desires as well.

These “animal” desires are not punished in Thelema.  They do not need to be “confessed.”  There is no reason to hide or cover them up.

Thelema is all about tailoring its basic principles to fit your own lifestyle, not trying to squeeze you into a cubbyhole that was made for someone else.

Thelema means “will,” and this Will is our deepest nature.  All Thelemites are unique and may not even call themselves Thelemites, but we all have one thing in common:

All Thelemites are consistent and congruent. Their life is built upon this principle.  Our actions are always an extension of our beliefs.  Guilt, repression, and pity have no place in Thelema.  Thelema is for those who wish to be happy, and for those who are strong enough to demand it.

Do I have to do magick to be a Thelemite?

Not at all. Thelema is for the mechanic, the midwife, the entrepreneur, the writer, the lawyer, the stripper, the scientist and gardener all alike.

Do I have to like Aleister Crowley to be a Thelemite?

Nope. Not anymore than you have to like Picasso as a person to appreciate his art.

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