Baphomet Satanism and Satanic magic

The Essentials of Satanism and Satanic magic

There are a lot of people getting into Satanism and wishe to learn magic, however, they do not understand how to do it. Actually, there is no direct answer to this since everyone is unique and it always starts from a different position. But even with that, there are some common things that may apply to nearly everyone. In this article, we shall discuss the guidelines meant for one who has no previous experience or contact with magic. Again, if your intention is to learn about Satanism and satanic magic then this article will suit you.  The basic things to understand about Satanic magic before joining Satanism. 

i. The beginning of magic is your mind.

That is the reason why learning magic is the same as learning how to manage your mind, your reactions and your emotions. If you are not tolerant enough to effect transformation in yourself then magic is not your thing.  

ii. If you wish to learn magic, you should know that you are not the captive of requirements and you can respond uniquely to them if you wish to.

You manage yourself not situations outside thus, put aside some excuses such as someone interrupted me, it is other’s mistake, I was born into this, therefore, I cannot get to this or that, I could not react in a different way under this conditions (they are to blame) etc. 

iii. Despite the fact that the prime source of a transformation (prime mover) is nothing but your mind as stated earlier since your mind responds to the circumstances outside like they were part of a mind, altering those physical situations carefully can cause a change in your mind, thus ritualistic features of quite a number of magic types.

The Essentials of Satanism and Satanic magic
The Essentials of Satanism and Satanic magic

This implies that you can change yourself from within or by modifying the outside conditions. Nevertheless, both approaches are equally important and robust. Even if you like making the change from within, you, however, seek effects on the physical plane, thus you cannot separate your mind from it. That means your life is reflecting your mind. 

iv. The power of your faith counts! The more you have faith that magic is true, the more you foresee results and even react robustly emotionally letting yourself free is a suitable manner for the effects of your magical actions.

There are different levels of faiths. As a magic user, you should at least know how to suspend your reservations (the state of suspended disbelief) and particular convictions. A preferable state is to believe in the potential of magic to the point that it is not a belief again but a reality, knowledge. Nevertheless,that comes with training hence; I would not inspire you to blindly believe in it but rather check it out for your own sake. 

v. You should be a nice observer of yourself and your environments preferably have the susceptibility for psychology, since it is only by doing so will you be in a position to know how magic works and notice patterns between the physical result and psychical state.

Nevertheless, in case you are not,there is a possibility that you can have similar results with a complete trust in the potential of magic, but then it requires being abnormally unshakable.Those who dispute it, prefer to understand all regarding it, how does it operate, where does it originate from for them to wholly believe in it. Knowing how magic operates is not a must; however, in case you understand that, you can be quite flexible, inventive and effective. 

vi. Since magic relies on the mind, all our strengths and weaknesses are reflected by magic.

It implies that if you are experiencing troubles in some parts of life, you may have some difficulty to get magically resolution as well(further notwithstanding being poor in one area, you can be champions in other). Besides, it does not mean that magic is not effective, it can serve as a safety net or a bypass hence thanks to it as you can attain your goal quite easily than by normal’ way. But since magic relies on your mind and it also shares its weaknesses and strengths, it cannot be viewed as a fast and obvious solution to one’s problems. You have to be in a position to put some work so that you can attain your dream state. Normally, magic does not imply you are relaxing and waiting for the result. Magic changes experience into your inclination and influence subconsciously some of your choices towards your purpose but definitely, you still have to act towards your purpose.

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I am Izabael Dajinn
I am Izabael Dajinn