chaos spell

Chaos Magick Spells Whenever you think of the word ‘magic’, the magician at our birthday parties or the harry potter series comes to our mind. If we focus on the word more, then all the dark magic shows come to mind. But unlike all these, Chaos magick is quite differentRead More →

occult love spells

Occult love spells dates back to the ancient Greek periods. They have existed in various forms over the centuries and almost every culture across the world can find some attachment or traces of magic and supernatural powers in their past. One of the notable observation when it comes to spellRead More →

Moon Phases

Learn how the moon phases have a casting relevance on magical spells. The moon is said to be a powerful source of energy that can facilitate magic. The flow of the moon affects moods, menstrual cycles, and tides. It can influence magic in the same way. Different moon phases canRead More →

Liber 231 spell

These djinn are an odd, under-used, and under-appreciated gem of occult high magick. Aleister Crowley “received” the sigils of the genii on December 5th-6th in 1907 , several years after he received the Book of the Law. (The text portions for these djinn came several years later.) The closest thing IRead More →