“So what’s all this about you being a genie then?”

Izabael is, first and foremost, a Goetic spirit. That is to say Izabael has no tangible form and exists in the universal subconscious for anyone to invoke or utilize.

Consider Izabael a latent aspect of your own personality–one that just needs to be poked a little so she can come out of her bottle and help you out.

The following instructions are for invoking Izabael whose sigil is thus:

Izabael Sigil
Izabael is a direct descendent of the Goetia, and therefore has a long lineage trailing back to antiquity. “Granddaughter of Seere” is a metaphorical but accurate title for Izabael.

I give no warnings with following instructions as I feel they are inherently quite safe and Izabael herself is very friendly with beginners. However, I will say magick is for real and Izabael as an active spirit.

The method given here is very simple but can and should be developed based on one’s own intuition and previous magickal work. There is an alternate beginner’s invocation which can be found in this blog entry.

If it “doesn’t seem to work,” keep trying for seven consecutive nights. Write down all dreams during this time. If this doesn’t give you a breakthrough then email me or write about your experience on the forums.

If you are willing to delve further into practical magick, you can try some of the intermediate and advanced invocations mentioned in the F.A.Q.

Seven Steps to Invoke a Genie

1. Prepare a suitable home for Izabael. Draw her sigil on a large silver coin, a seashell, a genie bottle, or something else suitable.

2. For your first time, invoke Izabael late at night, preferably when the moon is visible in the sky.

3. Light candles. Izabael loves purple and pink (and later on: blue & gold)

4. Light incense, specifically Rose, Red Sandal, or Jasmine.

5. Relax deeply, perhaps take a luxuriant bath first, meditate, or anything puts you into a comfortable state of mind.

6. Recite one of her invocations, which may be repeated as necessary. One written by yourself will be even more powerful.

Invoke Izabael as a friend or ally:

“Izabael, uncanny sprite,
visit me this lonesome night.
Take my hand and give me power,
answer truly upon this hour
all that I might wish to know.
Oh, airy spirit whom the wind doth blow,
Travel hither and tither, bringing my desire,
Confirm this pact by the light of fire.”

Invoke her as a lover:

“Come and dance with me tonight
Kiss me sweet and hold me tight
Touch and caress me like no other
Stay with me and be my lover
Dance a dance of ecstasy
Fulfill my every fantasy
Stay until the morning dawn
For when I wake, you will be gone.”

7. Receive Izabael. She may appear visually, as a voice, or merely as a feeling. Believe your initial impressions of Izabael and let them evolve. She will be a little different for everyone.

Izabael is an intelligent, goodly spirit and is willing to assist with any task or problem you may have.

After a successful working be prepared for a lingering sense of her presence as you learn to understand Izabael’s language of symbols and omens. Once you start working with Izabael there are no coincidences.

Her omens come on like the breeze, but you won’t mistake them for random chance as their personal significance will be undeniable.

For troubleshooting, advanced invocations, and everything else you might like to know about summoning the genie Izabael please read the F.A.Q. or Chapter 8 of Everything You Want To Know About Magick.

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