Fire Magick

Fire Magick

Fire magick is one of the well-known types of magick today. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it appeals to our utmost impulses. Fire excites fear and excitement in general and we are surely in reverence of its power. From the time it was discovered, the fire has granted us an all-new from the time it was found and used. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why we are attracted to it and even have the desire to relate to its force. This magick enables us to execute some things that could be impossible under normal circumstances. 

Fire Magick According To Wiccans & Pagans

According to Wiccans, Pagans and witches, fire is one of the major universal elements. Also, there are air, water and earth. Quite a number of festivals have fire magicks at the core of their ceremonies. Bringing fire magick into your own magick work is possible. Actually, this is a pretty simpler process though it may appear as it is a quite flexible factor to apply. Fire magick can be useful; however, you should be cautious while applying it as with other kinds of magicks. 

Why is Fire very special as it is used in Fire magick? 


Fire denotes enthusiasm, passion, courage and desire, force, fertility, lust, virility, rejuvenation and initiative. It signifies both heat and light knowledge and the guts to follow it. Usually, a low fire individual is cold, hesitant to act, without passion for him and even life. On the other hand, a high fire individual is bold, passionate and dramatic in all fields within himself. Nevertheless, this individual needs to be since fire can consume everything in his path. Fire magick can also bring on the courage, the new and passion and end the old.  

Its atmospheres are hot and dry, its direction is South/Energy and its season is summer. Its symbol is the Sword or Athame, the burner and Candle. Its colors are Oranges, Reds and Golds. While Fire magick’s moon phase second quarter and its time is the high noon. 

There Are Three Types of Fire Magick.

One of thes is Bonfire Magick. This kind of fire magick normally entails burning something such as flower, herb, a piece of paper or a request on which you have put down your wish. It is applied in expelling, destroying and ridding negative forces in your life. 

The second type of Fire magick is Candle Magick which is an easy, simple and useful way of bringing about the desires of your life. The color for the Candle Magick magick is selected and can as well incorporate the appropriate scent in regard to your passion and lit in some instances for up to (one week) seven days. Normally, this sort of Fire Magick is for any kind of desire. 

The third kind of Fire Magick is the sun Magick. Employing the sun magick in our aspirations is a nice way in which you can improve brand-new commencements in health, love, home and work. It awakens subtle abilities and aids in attraction desires.  

Although Fire magick sounds a bit negative, the reality is, it can be useful in various ways. Just like with other types of magick, you just need to follow the rules laid out to be successful.

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