LIBER AL: Book of the Law:  arrangement of the manuscript sheets

by pAmphAge:


There are many unsolved mysteries regarding the Book of the Law, even to this day.  One of them I quote from near the end of Part III:


73. Paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom: then behold!

74. There is a splendour in my name hidden and glorious, as the sun of midnight is ever the son.

75. The ending of the words is the Word Abrahadabra.


This is clearly referring to the actual handwritten manuscript sheets of Liber AL.  Until now, I have never seen a satisfactory arrangement suggested before.


The real trick to figuring this out is including the title page for the Book of the Law along with the 65 pages of the actual manuscript.  This gives 66 pages.  Most versions of Liber AL are published WITHOUT this title page.  But it is genuine.  You can find all the holographic pages of the original manuscript here.


So knowing that there is another page helps us immensely.  You put the title page, which is naturally page “0” at the very top.  From there you simply follow the instructions, adding one more page at each level.  At the end of that you end up with a perfect triangle 11 pages tall, and 11 pages wide at the base.


Can you say Abrahadabra?




I color coded the 3 sections of the Book of the Law for convenience sake, but these pages are clearly too small to read.  They just give you an overview of how to layout your own pages.


Some other correspondences I’ve noticed:


1)  It’s a triangle, which suggests a pyramid (with very little imagination). Not only a well-known magickal symbol, but Crowley dictated the Book of the Law in Cairo, Egypt (soon after performing rites in the Pyramid of Cheops itself.)

2)  The Fool at the top of it all. Very much in the style of the rest of Liber AL.  Also look at Crowley’s silly drawings–are they not foolish, indeed?

Title Page for Liber AL
Title Page (Page “0”) for Liber AL: The Book of The Law


3)  The (“scratched line”) page 60 (III.16) is in the exact bottom center where a door would naturally be (use your imagination again).  So two “keys” are given on this secret door.

4) The right side of the triangle according the page numbers adds to 88, which could be the “splendour” of his name.  Splendour is of course Hod, which is Mercury, that is to say the 8th Sephiroth.

5) When you add the pages on the right side of the triangle but only down part way to the end of part one, i.e. the purple section in the photo, it adds to 56 (i.e.  Nuit.)  Why do that?  Because the “scratched line page”, i.e. page III. 16, follows the same shape and only goes down seven lines just like Part I goes down seven layers of the triangle.

6) If you bring the “scratched line page” up to the title page, you find the line is the same angle as the right side of the triangle.  Also consider the bottom 11 pages of the base correspond to the word ABRAHADABRA.  The “line scratched page” corresponds to the letter “A.”  So where is the “A” in “Liber AL” on the title page?  It is missing because at the time Crowley still didn’t know how to properly name and number his book, therefore this change moves the the letter “A” up to where it is most needed.  [A=1=Tarot Trump 0: The Fool.]

7)  The Eye of the Triangle (i.e. the very center two pages) spells “RA” (who is of course speaking the very passage we are referring to) if you follow the traditional arrangement for the original and ancient word “Abracadabra.”


The first known record of this version of the triangle dates to around 200 AD.

Here is a right side up version with the correct Thelemic spelling:


8. When the “scratched line” page is superimposed with the title page, a Crowley drawing blending Puer (male) and Female (puella is formed).   The Fool of course is sexually ambiguous, containing the seeds of both sexes.


I’m just beginning to scratch the surface with this arrangement so there will most likely be more to add as time goes on.  I hope others are able to build upon what I can come up with here.


Peace out,




p.s.  I  discovered this during the Thelemic year 104 (i.e 104 years since the inception of Liber AL).   When you follow step 6 above, the right hand side of the triangle, now clearly suggested by the scratch now at the top, also adds to 104.

p.p.s.  Hail Nuit.

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